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chartcoursemapAny business you buy needs to fit your own skills, lifestyle and aspirations. Before you start looking, think about what you can bring to a business and what you'd like to get back. List what is important to you. Look at your motivations and what you ultimately want to achieve.

It is useful to consider your abilities, capital, budget, commitment, expectations, etc.  Here are our Top 10 Tips for Choosing the Right Business to Buy.

strategy-exit-planningAny planned exit from your business must factor in both your personal and business circumstances to ensure a successful and fruitful exit. Before proceeding with your sale, we will help you consider the options most suitable for you. This will start by looking at the possible succession candidates which may include:

• A family member
• Co-owner
• Employee
• A third party buyer
• Confidential sale

The sale of a business can be a complex and difficult process. At an early stage you will need to decide, what are your exit ambitions and priorities? You may be driven by the best price, ease of transaction, buyer’s intentions for the staff and business or just the speed of a quick sale.

So you think you want to buy a franchise but you’re not so sure it would be the right choice. After all, why should you spend a premium on a big name when you can just duplicate their efforts? Think again. There are a few good reasons why copycatting doesn‘t work, and in hard economic times, these reasons make even more sense. We can’t say enough about the security factor of choosing to invest in a franchise as opposed to a new start up. Below are 5 Benefits of Franchising:

BRAND POWER - Corporate brand identities have proven success in the marketplace.

PROVEN MARKETING PROGRAMS - Most Franchisors include national and regional marketing programs and support for franchisees.  The Franchisors want their owners to be successful. 

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